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Would you like to make a meaningful difference to your customers, your colleagues, and your community? At Electronic Systems, Inc. (ESI), you can! Our corporate culture is instrumental to our success so we are committed to attracting, developing, and retaining top talent. We take great care in building a team of professionals that are passionate and dedicated to the company, their career, and the community.


Quality of life is highly important to all of us here at ESI and our benefits package is designed to provide us with the means to balance our work with family and leisure time. Teamwork is evident in all parts of the company.

The combination of competitive salary, healthcare, retirement savings, life insurance, disability income replacement, as well as vacation and personal time is just the beginning of what we offer.

ESI offers a unique and exciting career path with a wide range of opportunities in a variety of professional capacities.

Job Categories
Mark B.
"The best part about ESi is building partnerships with all types of businesses and helping them maximize today’s technology to their current business needs."
As the frontline of Electronic Systems, our Sales representatives are vital to our overall success. Engaging with our customers at every step, ESI’s sales professionals are responsible for building client relationships and helping them meet their business needs through their on-going knowledge of current products and services.
Darrick C.
"It has been a wonderful experience working for ESI. In total it’s been over 17 years with the company. Everyone keeps a positive attitude which makes it easier to come to work. It’s surely been a blessing working for ESI!"
Our service technicians and customer care specialists are often the face(s) that our clients see most, making them key to maintaining our relationships. The most vital quality of this position is being able to identify the needs of customers through excellent communication, listening and problem solving skills.
Reegan E.
"Here at ESI there is always something new and exciting to learn in the ever-evolving IT world. It is incredibly fulfilling to be working within a team that provides these ground-breaking technology solutions to the companies we care about. The level of service we provide not only makes me proud, but would make anyone proud, to be a part of ESI."
From planning and design to deployment and troubleshooting, our engineers make magic happen for our clients. If you have a passion for solving business technology problems through creative planning and mastery of technology, you’d be a great fit with our team.
Amy C.
"Two words come to mind when I think of ESI - empowerment and family. I have worked at ESI for two years and have been encouraged and enabled to grow my skill-set and a business unit with the support from colleagues and management along the way. ESI is one of the few places I have worked where the people I work with everyday treat me like family and support me both professionally and personally."
The Operations team is responsible for ensuring that each group within ESI is functioning as a well-oiled machine. These individuals use their analytical and communication skills to support all departments at ESI.
Nina O.
"ESI has a traditional corporate environment that houses a diverse group of personalities and talent. What resonates with me is leadership champions family comes first. Additionally, I know managers are investing in me, helping development my skill-set with practical training. I look forward to experiencing ESI’s continual growth and can proudly say my work contributes to its overall success."
ESI’s administrative team helps to manage the day-to-day operations of our offices. The key qualities of our administrative employees include excellent organization, customer service and planning skills, all the while keeping a professional personal presentation.
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We take great care in building a team of professionals that are passionate and dedicated to the company, their career, and the community.
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As an added service to our clients, we also offer Professional Staffing Services. Positions range in contract length and skillset according to our clients’ needs.