HP PageWide Brings Automotive Company Better Printing at Lower Costs

a unique approach

A large automotive company, with 16 locations in Hampton Roads and Elizabeth City, were using inkjet printers in all of their service departments. One inkjet printer in its Virginia Beach service department, however, was underperforming. Regular paper jams along with high costs of operations, too many devices, and brands had led to employee frustration. The company has had a long-standing relationship with Electronic Systems, Inc. so we understood their long-term needs.

The vehicle maintenance market is very competitive. In the automobile industry, where revenue generated by dealerships in the post-sales department, makes a significant contribution to annual revenue and overall margin. Well-functioning printers are absolutely essential to the daily work of the majority of its employees – customer’s service records and information.


Around 115,000 pages are printed each month at the dealership, almost three-quarters of which are color, with the rest in black and white.

The company was providing lengthy overviews that were costing the company over $19,000 per month. Electronic Systems was involved early on to help steer and guide the development of a strategic phased approach and developed an innovative solution that would be easy to implement and manage while giving the company control of their maintenance & service costs.

We suggested replacing the inkjet printers with new PageWide devices from the HP PageWide Pro series. The printers feature HP PageWide technology and print with pigmented inks (which are also used in high-end digital printing machines), meaning they print twice as fast as comparable printers – even though the costs are significantly lower. The company agreed to a 30-day trial to test one HP Page Wide Printer in one location’s service department in Virginia Beach.

reinventing business printing

During the 30 day trial, they printed out a variety of documents using the test printer to see if it could meet their requirements – and it did. The printer is very quiet, is quick to start up and, at up to 70 pages per minute, the print speed for general office documents is unbelievably fast. The print quality is very high and the printer is so small that it fits on a desk.

After the 30 day trial, the company decided they wanted them set up at all 16 locations in the area. A dedicated team was created to the transition to full managed print services that included software integration and process improvement to ensure that all device use is seamless and efficient. The company found this made for an easy to install and setup. The printer’s ink now lasts up to 10,000 pages, costs for supplies are down by nearly 40 percent, compared to before.


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