Setting the Standards for Education's IT Service


School districts need to keep all systems & devices up-to-date and have uninterrupted school schedules. Electronic Systems has worked with districts across the mid-Atlantic to complete a wide spectrum of projects— connecting schools to powerful technology and smart solutions.

ESI works with each school district to create project plans based on custom product and service packages. Electronic Systems is the proud partner of school districts near you.


From PCs to laptop carts, ESI has your district covered with experience; approximately 75,000 ESI computers have been installed across school districts statewide. Electronic Systems manages your project end-to-end, ordering the devices, tagging & imaging the machines, configuration, and deployment. We also help you avoid the headache of removing, returning, or discarding old equipment. Our team of experts can support your district with training & change management support to help supplement your existing IT team.

Electronic Systems is intimately positioned with leading partners, like HP & Dell, to receive product release information before its made public. We work closely with manufacturers to plan around end-of-life and new product availability to ensure your standard configuration is available throughout the project.


School districts need to meet IT project schedules in an unobtrusive manner. ESI works with districts to create project plans that meet schedule constraints, providing a seamless switch for end users.

A great example of ESI’s agility and flexibility happened during a large rollout of 14,000 PCs over a multitude of school sites. The project plan incorporated all logistics, efficiently grouping the individual machines into phases over a four week period. The installation process took place after school hours—NO classes were interrupted, efficiently minimizing downtime.

Electronic Systems can also assist with the storage logistics and handling of large orders. A recent rollout of several hundred machines included warehousing challenges on the client side. ESI was able to remove the PCs from individual packaging, repackage them in bulk groups, and deliver them in phases based on the client’s time and space availability.