Tailored Service and Inventory Management for Large Contract Firm


A Fortune 1000 federal contractor had previously been working with a national partner to fulfill their IT hardware and inventory needs.  The client has more than 120 offices throughout North America and has thousands of field-based contract employees. 

As an information solutions and services provider tied to critical government contracts, the client has the unique need to quickly deliver IT hardware to employees.  Additionally, the client needs to track each piece of equipment being sent out at a detailed level to meet inventory and security protocols.


Electronic Systems (ESI) is experienced at fielding and incorporating complex client needs and producing quality results.  As a locally based operation with national reach, ESI is able to flexibly respond to client needs and take advantage of detail-oriented best practices built with scale in mind.

The client needed a partner that could manage a stocked inventory, image devices for individual end users, and ship full setups to the new employees within 48 hours.


To create an efficient process for the client, ESI built a custom web portal, listing the standardized inventory.  Equipment items include laptops and ancillary items that enable the client’s employees. Once an order is placed, ESI pulls the equipment from the rolling stock kept onsite and begins imaging and setup.  The client’s image is maintained at ESI so devices can be efficiently and expediently deployed.

ESI assembles the shipment and includes specific instructions for startup and use. When the final user receives the order (less than 48 hours later), they are able to immediately log in and begin work.

In addition to streamlining the ordering, configuration, and shipping process, ESI’s web portal allows for very granular tracking and oversight. For the client, this means custom reporting that allows them to reconcile their inventory records on a one-to-one basis – vastly improving their processes and workflows.