Location Hardware Deployment for National Retailer

A large national clothing retailer needed to upgrade the point of sale (POS) machines, firewalls, and access points in each of their 650 stores.  The upgrade was driven by the need to maintain compliance with the federal Payment Card Industry (PCI) regulation mandates.
The client engaged several companies for proposals prior to selecting Electronic Systems (ESI) as a partner. ESI was able to provide very competitive pricing and a strategic plan for accomplishing the upgrades.  

ESI was given six weeks to perform the 650 store upgrades. With 3-4 POS machines per store, there were thousands of devices to be installed.  All work had to be completed outside of normal store hours.
ESI set up a strategic plan to complete the installs at each location on a rolling schedule. A dedicated team was created in a designated call center that was staffed outside of normal business hours to meet the needs of stores located in other time zones. 

The geographic spread of the project required advanced planning for the ESI install teams. Stores were clustered into groups and the individual devices were shipped to each store ahead of the install.
In order to avoid disrupting regular store business, all installs were completed when the stores were closed. ESI teams would complete installation of the POS machines, scanning guns, firewalls and access points, then ensure everything was properly connected to the retailer’s network. The team would stay onsite for the opening of the store to verify that all devices were functioning properly and the end users were comfortable with the upgraded equipment. ESI’s call center was also available to assist with the store’s onboarding.
With the tight deadline to complete all 650 stores, multiple teams were deployed across the country. This allowed ESI to complete an average of 30 stores per day.