Raising the Bar for Production


A large, multifaceted nonprofit organization was experiencing quality control issues with print jobs for their largest customer—their design department. The design team supports all divisions of the client’s organization which provides multimedia programming to approximately 200 countries.

The client needed to mass produce brochures, flyers, magazines and booklets for distribution around the world. The existing production environment was not functioning at the high standard that they expected and needed.


The client was seeking a replacement digital production color press and printer for their reproduction facility. Since quality had been a major concern before, the client set up a test of 12 different files to be printed. Electronic Systems was able to showcase two devices that would meet their needs and integrate seamlessly into their unique environment and ensure quality control. These tests were slated to take approximately 5 hours; however, the 2 different devices that ESI used both completed the tests in 3 hours.

As a follow up demonstration, ESI used an existing client environment to showcase the specific machine selected. The test files from all devices and vendors were then judged in a blind test by their design team. ESI was selected as the partner due to the full scope of the submitted proposal. This solution was based not only on the initial need of a production device, but also on the client’s need to increase color consistency across all aspects of production—from prepress to digital print through to offset.


Recognizing the larger need of the client, ESI focused on fully understanding the environment in order to streamline their workflow and enhance their color integrity. With such a large focus on ensuring consistent quality production, the client was concerned about being able to match color profiles across all devices.

The incumbent provider had suggested a color management software that exceeded the client’s needs, had a significant learning curve, and a resource burden. ESI arranged for an education engagement with a G7 IDEAlliance Certified Xerox Analyst to train the client’s team in a custom color management strategy. This created a logical workflow and placed emphasis on educating the client’s team to be self-sufficient and have a broad level of color management understanding rather than relying on expensive software. The solution encompassed quality control throughout the process, starting in design and continuing through printing and fulfillment.

ESI taught the designers’ how to profile monitors for accuracy during soft proofing, the devices’ plate curves were checked to ensure the press was correct, the final print was verified to match the profile on every device within the environment and then compared back to the designers’ monitors—all to ensure accuracy throughout the production cycle of the document.

Through assessing the overall production environment, ESI was able to create a strategic and creative solution that allowed for more consistent, quality production across all of the client’s devices. Not only are the clients satisfied with the device’s performance, but they are now in even higher demand, stating that they’ve been pleasantly overwhelmed with the jobs coming in due to the excellent quality.