Professional Staffing Services for a Community College

A Virginia based community college was facing challenges in completing projects and maintaining adequate support levels due to a lack of technical resources on staff. They had partnered with a staffing company that was providing subpar candidates and experiencing a large amount of turnover due to the temporary benefits of the contract positions. The community college needed an IT staffing partner that could provide highly skilled and committed contractors.

The community college was an existing client of ESI for information technology needs and had a long standing relationship with their account manager. Upon hearing of their difficulties in getting and keeping qualified staff, the account manager suggested ESI’s Professional Staffing Services.
ESI offers full benefits (paid time off, insurance, 401(k), etc.) to the staffing contractors that help increase retention, providing more value for the client.

ESI’s Professional Staffing Services provided a total of four full-time contractors on site with the client for approximately two years. Based on project work and ancillary needs, the client also contracts professionals with specific technical certifications to fill specific needs.

The partnership with ESI’s Professional Staffing Services has allowed the client to maintain a steady headcount of technical personnel. The contractors are not classified under the college’s headcount, so budgetary constraints can be avoided.

ESI’s IT Staffing Team also partners with the client to strategically plan project staffing and general headcount demands. An aspect of this is  ensuring that funding is secured for all projects and ESI can flexibly redistribute payments, as needed.

Additionally, the mentor expertise of ESI’s engineers and contractors provides value for the client. ESI resources have assisted with members of the client’s staff in studying and testing for technical certifications.

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