Phone Upgrade to VoIP for Large Manufacturer


Efficiency is key at manufacturers and timelines are vital to productivity. Many organizations have large scale IT projects that need to be completed quickly and on budget--ESI can help you complete IT projects without interrupting your production.


ESI worked with a large government contractor/manufacturer (approximately 21,000 employees) to upgrade their 15,000 phones to VoIP Phones in a unique environment. ESI’s agility was evident as the work took place on a 6 mile wide campus with 200+ separate buildings, supporting multiple locations across numerous states.

Originally forecasted to take two years, the phone implementation project took 10 months to complete. The project replaced analog devices with digital dial tone and returned the legacy equipment to the original leasing company. ESI worked with the client to map the features and functions of the previous system in order to streamline the implementation.

Implementation rolled approximately 1000-1500 phones per month. End user orientation to the new VoIP system ensured a smooth transition from the legacy system. The initial programming and training also enabled the client to manage the system with a small team once ESI completed installation.


Once the new phone system was up and running, ESI took steps to build out a collaboration platform. This included an upgrade of the web presence, teleconference and application systems to provide video and multimedia collaboration at the desktop, rather than being restricted to conference rooms.

Since the client is a government contractor, there were unique needs. First, they needed to build a redundant system with recovery in mind. Another distinct project need was Department of Defense security clearance for classified campus areas. ESI established DOD clearance and worked with the client to make sure that all team members had the appropriate and compliant equipment to complete the project, including secure communication and network devices.

The manufacturer’s CIO stated that this was the only project of this scale that she has seen completed seamlessly, under budget and ahead of schedule.