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Esi Document Management SoftwareMost businesses today have what can seem to be an overwhelming amount of document information flowing through their daily workload. ESI has a wide range of document management solutions that can help your organization electronically manage and store documents, dramatically reducing your storage costs and personnel hours spent on organizing, storing, and retrieving information. ESI will evaluate your document management needs, goals, and objectives, and will determine which document management software will best meet your requirements. Enterprise document management software provided by our vendor partners will help you save time and money by simplifying your document management process with Web-based interfaces, SSL encryption, password management, and increased ease of storage and retrieval. ESI offers both server- and Web-based software applications that provide a secure environment to store, manage, share, and retrieve your important documents quickly. With flexible and easy-to-use document management platforms, you experience the benefit of:

  • Up to 80% reduction in time spent finding information
  • Up to 50% savings in operational costs
  • Reduced costs and carbon footprint through reduced paper, shipping, and energy use
  • Reduced risk and improved control with rock-solid security
  • Efficient compliance with comprehensive audit trails
  • Rapid adoption - Easy Web-based interface lets distributed you access and share information from anywhere.

Effective document management can save money and time by freeing up IT personnel to work on other issues and helping your organization meet sustainability goals with significantly decreased consumables and energy use, as well as reduced waste and storage and shipping costs.

Xerox® DocuShare® is an award-winning document management option that enables collaboration, review, and approval of documents as well as Web publishing to support information sharing at all points of the enterprise by any and every employee with access. Used by thousands of companies to capture, manage, share, and protect vital information, it significantly improves productivity and efficiency.

The DocuWare document management system is state-of-the-art software for integrated document management. It can automatically process any type of document regardless of its source, with internal control procedures that help you meet audit and compliance requirements. DocuWare imports them, classifies them, adds a full text index and makes them available for onward processing.

Additional records management functions ensure that all access is secure, controlled, and logged. Enhanced with workflow functionalities, Web Content Management, and universal integration functions, DocuWare provides powerful Enterprise Content Management (ECM) functionality for enabling expansion throughout your organization.

DocuWare offers comfort and security, user-friendliness, and simple administration. A dynamic software choice offering extensive integration capabilities and optimum security, DocuWare can grow with your document management requirements well into the future.

DocuLex Capture creates industry-standard Group 4 TIFF images using high-speed or flatbed scanners, identifies document unitization, and collects indexing information at multiple levels. Capture is an open system to accommodate currently used document management systems and database applications. Whether your organization’s daily scanning goal is 10,000 or 100,000 pages, Capture will meet your production demands.

  • Uniquely identifies each image with a custom production number
  • Designed for real-time image inspection during scanning
  • Identifies bar codes as field values, document breaks, and mark sense forms
  • Mark sense forms are processed for multifield data entry at scan time
  • Provides text fields, date fields, and yes/no fields for indexing during scanning
  • Invokes field prompting based on bar code targets or function keys
  • Displays images for visual QC during scanning
  • Image enhancements such as black border removal, deskew, and rotate are processed real-time, eliminating the need for post processing
  • Insert feature enables the user to include image additions and repaginate the scanned batch in one step

PaperVision®is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system from Digitech Systems. With PaperVision, you can control access and increase information security with automated tracking of business processes throughout the information lifecycle. PaperVision helps you improve your organization’s business processes, comply with and enforce regulatory and compliance rules, and bolster security by protecting information from theft and loss.

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