Esi DuplicatorsThrough our vendor partnership with RISO, ESI is proud to offer the RISO line of digital duplicators and RISO ComColor® high-speed color printers. RISO products emphasize productivity, cost containment, and versatility in paper-based communication. Environmentally friendly RISO products are used in many industries across the globe.

The RISO digital duplicator prints on a much broader range of media at speeds unmatched by common office technology. The RISO digital duplicator is specifically designed to bridge the gap between copiers and offset systems by handling run lengths that are too long for copiers or laser printers and too short for offset printers. This allows organizations to bring many outsourced print jobs in house for maximum control and cost containment, resulting in economical, on-demand printing. RISO duplicators can print on practically any throughput media, including paper bags and envelopes, at an incredible rate of up to 3 pages per second!

The RISO high-speed ComColor color printers print full color at the same amazing speeds as the digital duplicators, and now can be equipped with output options to produce completed projects ready for delivery. The RISO ComColor offers a combination of speed, economy, durability, and flexibility that can increase the effectiveness of your organization's documents. Whether you work in a networked office or a high-volume production environment, the ComColor printer can get your job done fast!

ESI has long been the area’s only RISO provider and offers several ENERGY STAR-compliant RISO duplicators and printers to meet a range of needs. Allow us to show you the power of this impressive product line.


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