Formax® is an industry leader in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of pressure sealers, mailing equipment, digital print finishing solutions and data destruction equipment. Formax equipment is used in companies of all sizes and in both the public and private sectors, in Fortune 500 companies, and schools, municipalities, and state and federal agencies. The first AutoSeal® pressure sealer was introduced in 1996. The Formax pressure sealer was designed for processing pressure sensitive one-piece mailers. The AutoSeal product line includes a number of desktop and industrial models to meet your organization’s needs, whether low-volume office use or higher volume production applications. ESI can show your company a wide range of commercial-grade Formax shredders designed specifically for business and government use that meet NSA-approved high security requirements. Formax folders are capable of folding multiple pieces of paper at once and holding large volumes of finished work. An advanced line of Formax folder inserters automates the task of folding and inserting documents into envelopes. As your local dealer of Formax equipment, ESI will assess your organization’s document and mail flow, and determine which leading-edge Formax technology will provide the most flexible, dependable, cost-effective solution for automating your mail flow.