Satori Software® provides powerful data quality and mailing preparation solutions for businesses of all sizes. It simplifies postal sorting and automates contact data collection, maintenance, and use. ESI can help you increase deliverability and keep costs down with Satori Software.

  • Verify, correct, and standardize addresses to eliminate costly undeliverable mail
  • Add the ZIP+4 and delivery point barcode for each record for faster mail delivery
  • Identify duplicate addresses to avoid overspending
  • Automatic postal presorting for the lowest rates
  • Print bar-coded labels and tags, and required postal forms

The Satori Bulk Mailer® family of software offers desktop address correction and presorting solutions. Users of this user-friendly postal automation software include mailing houses, publishers, print shops, catalog companies, educational institutions, and other groups that handle regular volume mailings. ESI can help you determine if Satori Bulk Mailer is the right desktop mailing preparation software for your business. Another option for high-volume, production mailers is the MailRoom ToolKit® family of software solutions. Satori MailRoom ToolKit automates mailing preparation processes for greater efficiency. It offers cleansed and corrected addresses, postal presorting, and bar-coded addresses taken from your original database and software applications. It installs instantly and coordinates with Microsoft Office. Satori Software also offers SAP® BusinessObjects® Postalsoft products. This family of software offers address correction, database management, duplicate record detection and advanced postal sorts for complex mailings. Talk to ESI about which Satori Software product would be the most effective for your organization’s mailing needs.