Staying competitive in today's global market requires that U.S. manufacturers operate lean and efficiently. Manufacturers of all sizes need secure, robust and scalable IT solutions, but their focus must be on relevant business issues such as cost of materials, customer service and plant equipment in order to run a profitable business. Ensuring that manufacturing software, hardware and other technology tools are running their systems and processes efficiently and effectively is where we come in.

ESI delivers end-to-end manufacturing technology solutions for manufacturers of all sizes, from small to medium businesses to enterprise level corporations. We can help you achieve your specific business goals by analyzing your technology needs and assessing your current technology to develop a plan that aligns with your goals.  At ESI, we understand that in the manufacturing world, everything depends on timeliness and productivity.  Our manufacturing technology services and solutions are designed to enhance collaboration, enable a steady and secure flow of information throughout your organization and beyond, and to ensure that your IT infrastructures run smoothly with little to no down time. 

Our team of manufacturing IT experts provides superior services to guide your company in the right direction. ESI can help you:

  • Streamline supply chains
  • Develop disaster prevention and recovery plans
  • Maximize uptime and increase productivity

When you partner with ESI, you'll get the manufacturing technology tools you need to work smarter for increased efficiency and streamlined business practices.