Desktop Collaboration

Esi Desktop CollaborationESI can recommend and provide a variety of desktop collaboration solutions to further improve your company communications and lower the cost of meetings, travel, and other related expenses.

Cisco WebEx meetings helps organizations achieve better business results through more productive and engaging web based meetings. WebEx, a people-centric platform, allows teams to collaborate anytime, anywhere and even with mobile devices. The meeting process is streamlined by creating a virtual online space for share meeting-related content.

Cisco Spark changes the communications experience from silo’ed to integrated. Instead of just calling or instant messaging, Spark makes persistent business messaging the center experience of all your communications and where all of your work lives.

Cisco Jabber is another desktop collaboration tool that allows your team to access presence, instant messaging (IM), voice, video, voice messaging, desktop sharing, and conferencing. You can see if and how people are available, and collaborate using your preferred method on your preferred device.

These desktop collaboration solutions can be integrated with premise based, hybrid and cloud Cisco unified communications solutions.

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