Esi VirtualizationToday, your data center faces increasing complexity that threatens efficiency and drives up costs. Multiple technology platforms and a lack of effective tools make it difficult to support the ever-changing needs of business applications. The addition of explosive data growth and increasing performance demands begins a vicious cycle – one that makes it difficult to achieve objectives within time and budget constraints. Inefficiencies in storage and data management; increased demand for security, storage, and backups; and high hardware, software, and personnel costs can directly impact your company’s productivity.

For organizations struggling with these challenges, ESI’s storage consolidation and virtualization services provide a comprehensive data center transformation methodology and ensure a robust information life cycle management (ILM) capability. ESI maintains partnerships with the leading storage vendors as well as the major providers of virtualization software. Our engineers work closely with partner professional service teams or as standalone engagements to help design, deploy, optimize, and maintain the solutions that transform your virtualization infrastructure.

ESI’s infrastructure virtualization solutions offer significant advantages over traditional models where every computer operates as a completely self-contained unit with its own operating system, peripherals, and applications. With a comprehensive, consultative infrastructure virtualization methodology, we work hand-in-hand with you to assess and plan, design and implement, and optimize and maintain a virtualization solution that supports the needs of your organization. The result is a robust architectural transformation that empowers systems administrators with greater control and enhances the user experience – all while reducing your IT infrastructure’s total cost of ownership (TOC).

  • Reduce the number of storage systems managed by 50% or more
  • Slash the cost of future storage system purchases by over 50%
  • Increase the number of virtualized servers by 60% to 80%
  • Increase storage utilization rates from under 20% up to 40% or 50%
  • Shrink backup times by over 80%

ESI offers a range of virtualization solutions to improve your organization’s IT efficiency and productivity.


Server virtualization is an effective method for improving resource utilization, increasing availability, and improving agility within an organization’s infrastructure. It allows for a single piece of equipment to function as multiple virtual servers that perform different functions and even run different operating systems. ESI will help you transform your data center so you can accomplish more with less.


Storage virtualization is the grouping of storage devices (storage area network, or SAN) for an appearance of one large storage device. It enables more effective information management across your organization’s entire storage infrastructure.


For organizations that have embraced data center transformation as an IT architectural cornerstone, ESI’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) service extends the many benefits of virtualization from servers and storage devices to the world of end user computing through desktop virtualization.


Many organizations today struggle with challenges of the data center. Multiple platforms, increasing complexity, rising costs and inefficiencies, and always changing business applications make network management a daunting endeavor. ESI’s network infrastructure virtualization solutions can help make sense of all this, and guide you toward a simpler way of managing your networks.


ESI’s data center virtualization solutions can help you reach your data center transformation goals. Our experienced specialists will help you strategically evaluate, design, source, implement, and maintain end-to-end data center consolidation and virtualization solutions.

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