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ESI's Office Assessment allows you to discover new and improved ways to work with technology and handle the flow of your business's information. Our unique program assesses your current office technology to help you better understand your current environment, workflow processes, usage patterns, and all related costs. ESI experience allows us to focus on driving the alignment of all technology and business process initiatives.

How Our Process Works
Interview & Discovery
Our team will start with an in-depth discovery conversation to find out what your needs are. By taking the time to understand your environment we can ensure a thorough and useful assessment process. This initial interview and discovery step also allows our experts to map out a completely customized assessment track for your organization.
Analysis & Audit
Once our experts have created a custom assessment track based on your business drivers, we will conduct a thorough analysis of all technology components. Depending on your needs, this step can include higher level device summaries or filter down to the granular device usage and output statistics. Additional levels of analysis may be available for contract.
Report & Recommendations
After the completion of your customized assessment, ESI experts will analyze the information collected and compile it in a usable report. This stage will also include some of our recommendations for immediate actions or improvements to keep you ahead of the curve. Our teams can then help you prioritize any other needs and help you create a road map for your office technology.
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