Managed Print Services

Printer Supply Woes Still w/ Play Button

How much does your business spend on toner, ink, parts, help desk support and maintenance?

Is your IT department overrun with calls about paper jams and broken printers?

Is your printer support plan really a printer replacement plan?

ESI specializes in helping companies lower their document expenses and achieve the most value from their business processes. Our Managed Print Services will provide a free, detailed assessment of your organization to gain the knowledge and understanding of your entire office systems to create a customized, all-inclusive printer service and supply program designed to help you control your printer fleet management. This end-to-end, managed print service includes consumables and repairs.

ESI’s 360° Managed Print Services Assessment comprises a five-part process. Before creating a customized managed print services plan for your company, we will take the following five steps to ensure we make the most appropriate recommendations.


Before we offer any managed services, we define your objectives and what you are looking to accomplish through our program. Whether you wish to simply identify all of your assets or make a more in-depth calculation of your monthly spending, we seek to understand what you are trying to achieve.


Once we understand your objectives, we conduct a detailed walkthrough of your company, compiling a complete inventory of all of your office systems – every device in every location. We capture all related information, including usage data, direct and indirect costs, and current vendor and service program details.


A detailed analysis will identify inefficiencies such as redundant, underutilized and outdated office systems, as well as inefficient allocation of these resources. It will also identify hidden costs of outsourced service and supply programs, costly work processes and total cost of ownership.


Our recommendations are aimed at implementing a new printer fleet management plan designed for cost reduction. This includes, but is not limited to, vendor and asset consolidation, integrating new technology into your existing fleet, reengineering your workflow process and simplifying procurement of office systems, supplies, support and parts through a streamlined service.


This is the final step in ESI’s managed print services assessment and planning process. We provide a single source for accountability by assuming full responsibility for all of your organization’s service and support needs and providing you with all of the supplies you require.

As your end-to-end, full Managed Print Services provider, we will issue you just one invoice per month. Better yet, our regular, quarterly review of your account ensures that your organization is always operating at optimal efficiency and at the lowest possible cost.


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