EMC® is a global leader in enabling businesses and service providers to transform their operations and deliver information technology as a service (ITaaS). Fundamental to this transformation is Cloud computing. ESI can access EMC’s innovative products and services to help your organization move to Cloud computing by showing your IT department how to store, manage, protect, and analyze your most valuable asset – information – in an agile, trusted, and cost-efficient way. ESI can show you a variety of EMC storage and EMC backup solutions. EMC Centera is a content-addressable storage (CAS) platform for data archiving. It provides content authenticity, governance and compliance, long-term retention, and high availability with maximum efficiency. EMC VNX is a series of automated and economical unified storage with pace-setting performance optimized for virtual applications. EMC backup is rated #1 in the industry, with more than three times the share of their nearest competitor. EMC Cloud offers 25 percent greater storage efficiency, 250 percent faster application performance, 90 percent faster backups, and 300 percent faster recoveries from its virtualization and cloud computing solutions.