ESI is a Platinum Solutions Provider with Liebert®, having satisfied Liebert’s requirements with best-in-class solutions and expert local support. Liebert is a provider of intelligent, integrated data center solutions to optimize infrastructure efficiency and capacity. Products include uninterruptible power, power distribution, and enclosure solutions to optimize data center design. Liebert is an industry-leading provider of dynamic data center cooling solutions for protecting sensitive servers and gear; data center monitoring solutions that provide full visibility into IT systems and infrastructure; racks and integrated cabinets to safeguard and manage IT and networking equipment; surge suppressor solutions to support data center power, reduce downtime, and extend equipment life; and proactive maintenance, assessments, and remote monitoring and emergency response to optimize data center management. ESI can show you how Liebert UPS, Liebert monitoring, Liebert cooling and/or Liebert power conditioning solutions may be an integral part of your data center plan.