Service Solutions for Information Technology

Recylcing Services

Zero Landfill Policy/Reuse and Recycle

SS4 ensures that all products are broken down, de-manufactured and reused at the material level or remarketed and reused in the workplace. SS4 strictly adheres to a ZERO landfill policy, not only is this policy, we are committed to doing our part to keep the environment we all live in a better place now and in the future. We stay 100% in compliance with EPA and DEQ guidelines. In addition, we follow all general principles and specific best practices for recyclers as defined by R2 Responsible Recycling.

Data Destruction

SS4 uses data destruction utilities that exceed Department of Defense Specification 5220-22-M standard to keep our customer in compliance with State and Federal regulations such as HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley, and Gramm Leach Bliley Acts. SS4 will boot and perform secure data destruction on all devices that contain fixed disk drives. If a hard drive will not spin up, that hard drive will be removed and shredded using SS4 owned mobile hard drive shredder. In addition to hard drives, any media found within customer’s assets will also be shredded ensuring complete-secure data destruction. 

Compliance Reporting

SS4 takes ownership of your electronics when they leave your site. Upon completion of our processing with your inventory, SS4 provides complete asset reporting, itemizing information such as type, mfg, mfg s/n, asset tag number, model #, etc. SS4 will provide your company with a Certificate of Destruction outlining by component method of that destruction (i.e. DOD wipe or Shred), thus releasing you from all liability for all data, or other information therein and for any materials processed by SS4 on their behalf.